Electro Dawn

We are travellers, in cased in bodies with a wonderland world to explore, but do we use our tools for all the right reasons? No we use and abuse our bodies and toucher what’s under the folds with a needless thirst for what might be, but we dream and day dream about what could be but do nothing to make it what you want it to be, nothing is stopping you when the only thing we need is to be freed of society and the ambitions we are programmed of to succeed. Why must we ‘succeed’ and remain blind for not seeing what we want to see? Because when majority rules we become the fools of childhood dreams in which we seise to seize and disbelieve what we can really achieve.


A majestic wagon a mythical dragon, box of guitar strings followed by bee stings, they try to drown this light under sight in which no one can see so they feed on the blood trail of happiness behind me, pixies and led the rest of the worlds dead for their emotion has been erased by the burning blaze of conforming into mythical pawns of electro dawn, flashing lights and city street lights. But no not me a majestic wagon and the mythical dragon are happy as can be in a world of fantasy.

They see it as a trip on naturally aspirated desire for more than to retire where the trees are green, where not many people have been where the water is blue and people are true. I’ll forever be free in my world of fantasy.

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