Shifting Shapes

-Missing the blues and searching for clues, Looking left though feeling right, denying the morning light which shines upon my face feeling faded and out of place. As she weeps, her secrets roll down her cheeks, exposing the pale flesh underneath the radiant glow of flawless streaks.
Head bent down the pain inside ripping apart her tender sides, screaming out and shouting for help no one hears her silent cries for help.

Hours later I open my eyes only to see my reflection from every angle in the corner of my eye. I wonder why I had even cried, for everything seems to be beautiful as dose my pride. Silent steps I slide away, cross  the creaking floor into my own obey, sunlight through the window warms my skin melts away the crystals of ice formed between the layers of my skin. White lacy dress I pull aside and hold to my growing pride. I put it on and fall a daze, my seeping memory over glazed. My legs walk me through the yard there I sit upon my guard.

Sweet tiny voice of cry wakes her from her gaze, the swelling sound of a baby in need, she looks around and as if to remember oh, it’s crying for me. Slowly she staggers back through the gate trembling for the pain is again within her wake. Shyly she walks onto the big empty house; the eucalypt shalt put her at ease nor will the soothing summer breeze. She cradles the cool flesh of plump baby weight, she looks down to a curious frown which she reflects an expression of hate. She trembles around in her morning gown, eyes are red and blurred with tears, she sees the gentle man she now steers.

Looking up, looking down trying to see the signal frown spread from face to a position so out of place, hiding pain you’re so vain.  Shamed you are how bizarre.  Man of such character lowering yourself into a heaving mess willing me to appear from my distress.

His sweet calm face, and gentle hands, how I love such a man. I am weak and he is strong, will me to come along into the world of no fear, regret how I’m so displaced, he doesn’t mind he will wait.

Morning bell chimes awake, the door it rings for someone is here. Light smile upon my face I open the door to Trudy’s gleaming face, how out of place… I welcome her in we sit upon the balcony, cups of tea we lightly converse in a manor un diverse she cradles the child that is known as mine and I feel I’m accepting it over time.

Meditation, the day so bright as it quickly turns to night, sun lit sky into moon lit night I wonder how the days stay so bright.


I posted this May last year, and then left word press for 12months before remembering my login details and coming back to it. I decided to re post it as it needed a refresh, Hope you enjoy reading it as must as I enjoyed writing it.

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