Stone throwers in the sky.

Stones are hurled from the city sky, wearing masks as disguise we set our eyes on the prize that time won’t buy with dollar coins and flat ironed notes all we can do is sit and write quotes for the success or failures which the future denotes. 

No one lives upto their expectations we die before our time just trying to make a dam dime for the stone throwers in the sky gluing man to the machine that grindes our bones into powder for the thrones of those living up high on the foundations built upon our lives spent on our dimes.

Whilst humanity suffers and and the helpless stand by the sides of those so high to weak too fight for humanitarian lives we go supporting your crimes and believing your lies because it’s too hard to define the lines between whats wrong or rite for us and our lives, it’s all a lie. Stone throwers live in the city skys living on greedy diets and filthy lives polluted by year’s of chime and we don’t know why they continue on that line for they will only die. They will die. We will all die. So live your life where the stones stand by trees and arnt thrown by thrives.  

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