Edge of this world.

Edge of this world.

“Life on the edge of this world, everywhere every step is heard. Ocean to land the sun will rise and the moon shall fall, some shall die and others grow old. Every day and every fresh breath we shall remember the ones who left.”

I was here just moments befor my dear friend called me in hysterics. Her baby boy had died, the child inside her had passed. But we must remember that everyday the sun still comes up. Untill then its not all over. We are still apart of the cyrcle of life. She gave birth to Lincoln John Doley Born 7.57Pm 12.05.12 Weighing 500 grams at 25cm. In her words “he is so perfect”.

Big Blue

Big Blue

Commonly known from Duce Biggalow  male jiggalow “here fishy fishy fish” Kept in a blender and later zooonked into a thick black liquid. This guy was one of my favorite buddies in the aquarium today. Blissfully looking at the finger smudging lolly pop licking shrieking jumping and glass smudging children, he glided ignorantly in his own blue lighted, regulated and temperature controlled artificially organic world. The life perhaps un-initially intended for the fella’ but somewhat for filling as the picture from behind his thick transparent secure world he watches the two legged land dwelling kind who still have something in common with himself. They are also in their own artificial world looking at him who is so out of place looking back at them thinking the very same thing.